70 Plusser Tours

Do you ever wish …

… in our heedlessly youth-oriented times, for a shade more respect for age? For a flicker of recognition that you could want things at a, well, slower pace? What’s the rush, anyway?

IBT has anticipated you, with our 70 Plusser Bike & Barge tours. What’s more, the cost is a flat fee minus your age. The older you are, the cheaper it is. (Note: anyone claiming a $100 discount will be asked to produce a passport to verify age.)

Current 70 Plusser tours take place in northern Europe; Belgium, France, Holland. They are planned with you in mind. Half a day’s biking is plenty, yes? Watching the scenery go by from the upper deck of a moving barge is pretty neat, yes? And what is a characteristic of the terrain in general? Flat.  Some of it really, really flat, like a pie pan. No need for that pesky changing of gears.

What do these countries bring to mind …

… Chocolate, yes. Beer, yes.  Wine, yes. Food on a level to be considered art, yes. That half day’s biking allows you to enjoy all this without regret. Memorable breakfasts and dinners emerge from the galley on the barge, while lunches are in the towns we pass through. The locals in these countries are for the most part urban people. They like the chatter and activity of a town. That’s where they live and hang out and we will be part of their scene for the duration of the trip.

Their scene takes place in towns and cities where the architecture reflects centuries and artists have long found a compatible atmosphere.  Visits to chateaux, to museums, to certain splendid gardens will give you a fuller sense of where you are and what has gone on here. The past is always present in an area where people have been living out their lives for centuries

Retirement is a special time of life …

… It’s not necessary to be pushing toward the prize; you have in fact won the prize and can take pleasure in being in this interesting part of the world and in the general camaraderie of your peers. They like to talk about grandchildren, too. A short nap before dinner is fully understood. But along with sedentary pleasures you are biking, keeping healthy in a satisfying way. You are likely to find it’s relaxing to be keeping fit without competing with a younger crowd.

A 70 Plusser tour is tailor-made for people whose active life continues but who want it shaped to their current desires and pleasures. IBT is pleased to provide exactly that.